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I am going to add a little bit of a twist to my blog. Then again it may fit in since this is a self-help and information blog. The twist is adding Linux and open source content on here. I will put a glossary together to help you understand what terms mean, then put different Linux distros there are out there, then what kinds of flavors those come in. I will also tell you what distros I have used and what I liked and did not like about them. I will even try putting them in categories of easy to use and not so easy to use. As for the open source software goes I will tell you ones I like and use on a daily basis, the ones I have used and would recommend, then tell you the ones I have tried and did not like. I will also, post links to a site that can give you alternatives for software you already use at home or work. Open source software will not always have the bells and whistles you have with the big paid versions. However, there are many great programs out there that may fit your needs for you or your company. The last thing I should mention is that I will talk about the differences between open source, freeium, free, and commercial software.

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