If the Shoe Fits Wear It!

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

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The title of this post says it all. But let us look at it a bit deeper in this post.


Imagine this you are out and about and having a good time with your girlfriends. You had lunch at that quiet little bistro  on the corner and someone mentions let us go shopping so you agree to make an afternoon of it. While out you spot the perfect pair of shoes that will go with your favorite outfit. So, what do you do? Oh! Did I mention the shoes are on sale! Of course, you go in and look at them and ask the sales clerk to get them in your size. The clerk brings them to you and they fit but here is the sad part and that is they are too narrow in the toes. You think to yourself that is giphyhurts a little bit but I know I have had shoes do this to me before and once I get home and wear them they break in and are just fine. Or, do you ask the sales clerk to bring you a bigger size and then they are too big and then you look like a clown wearing them. You opt for the size that fits but needs to be broke in. You get home and wear them and after awhile you find out that they are the most comfortable shoe you have worn and are glad you made the purchase.


The above scenario is an example of life is as a Christian. As a Christian, in my opinion, you are to help people grow and show them things that they need to change. When someone who comes up to you and tells you something you do not like we need to look at what they say and do a soul and heart search on if that person is correct in what they are saying. If what they said is true then wear it and if it is uncomfortable then break it in. This could be God's way of correcting you and telling you that is not the way to go or live your life. The truth hurts just like a new pair of shoes hurt when you wear them. But does that stop you from wearing them or being friends with that person who told you something you did not like? No, you stay friends with that person because you know that they are doing it out of love and want what is best for you. Not to hurt you.

How do you make what hurts you, comfortable?Healing-Heart

Glad you asked. You could go online Google how to make shoes comfortable and try different ways that may or may not work. Or, you could try the true method of what you have done in the past then go to Google. But, what about if it is not about the shoes it is about what the person said to me that is uncomfortable? We could look at how Ballerina's break in their Pointe shoes to make them comfortable and that is a long drawn out process. This video is a long video but it shows how they break in their shoes to make them comfortable.


As you can tell it is a long process for them to make these shoes comfortable. They want comfortable shoes because all their weight is on their toes. Once they make the shoes comfy for them then they are able to perform and do the work and tasks they are required to do. Wondering why I brought in the pointe shoe example well that is easy because we as Christians have work to do to when someone tells us the truth and it is uncomfortable. 

What work do we need to do to break in the truth?flying bible

Well, I have the answer to that as well. Prayer and the Bible! That is the answer. You say that is the easy answer you were thinking of a long drawn out answer you say. Sorry to tell you that is the short and easy answer. However, when you go to God and help you with what you dealing with it is not going to be easy and short. When God works on you, it is a long drawn out process and there will be much more pain than what you were hoping for. But, when you are done You will fit into the plan God has for you.


When the shoe fits wear it!

So, you finally made your shoes comfortable. GREAT! God finally has you where he needs you and the breaking in process did not break you but made you stronger and better. It also allowed God to position you for your breakthrough and the blessing God wanted you to have a long time ago. You are now able to wear the shoes without pain and you are now able to do and go where God wants you to go. Then you think to yourself why did I wait so long to wear the shoes and go through the breaking in process. Then you remind yourself that process hurts and I do not want to go through it. As humans we do not like change that much nor do we like to go through the process when we are apart of an instant society.


So, leave a comment below. Tell me what you think. Do you like change?


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