The day my hubby went missing. Or, was it the rapture?

The day my hubby went missing was a scary day for me. I thought in a million years I would never have to go through a missing persons scenario.  So, here is what happened.

It was a Tuesday morning and we both were up and around getting ready for the day. He was getting ready for his work day and I was getting ready for my day at the house. As he was getting ready to walk out the door I did not know that may be the last time I would see him. We were not having a good couple of days and so words were being said that should not be said. Something you should know we are newly weds and the honeymoon period is over. (This happens when you rush into a marriage, and when you both have had hurtful relationships in the past). Back to what i was saying. We were not having a good day and so he went to work and I stayed home. Well later that day I made dinner for him and then I get a text from my hubby saying,"I have to work late, love you." Well I did not pay no mind to the fact that he was working late as that is a normal thing with him.

The day went on and it was getting late so I went to bed left the dinner out texted him saying, "Dinner is out, please put it up when done or if there is left overs. Love you." I did not get a reply back. Well that is normal for him not to reply to text while at work more so if they are busy. The night when on and I woke up around and saw that he had not been home I still did not worry about it. I thought well they maybe are staying late at work to clean the restaurant and will be home when they are done. Back to bed I go.

Morning rolls around like it normally does like clock work, and still no hubby. That is when I started to get scared. I call my mom to talk to her to see what to do, But before I did that I thought to myself, "Did the rapture happen? Would I not hear the trumpet of God when the time is happening?" Then I thought, "I know I prayed last night to God so that if anything happens I would be with him. Wait, I would have heard the trumpet even the unbeliever would hear the trumpet."  That is when I called my mom and told me to call the police and that is when I realized how people who have loved ones go missing feel. When you have a loved one go missing you have many feelings go through you. Examples would be

  1. Anger (why did he not call me or does he not have the common courtesy to call me.)

  2. Fear that something bad did happen to him

  3. Worry

I think these are the three main feelings that are going through a persons mind during this time. Also, during this time I have called my minister's wife to see if she had heard any thing and she was like no I have not but I will call other members of the body to see if they have. I was like Okay. Later we come to find out that he was at his boss's house because he had become sick. I was like could you not call me. What did I do that was so bad that you could not answer your phone or you did not want to come home. I found out that his boss told him to call me and hubby said to him, "I will deal with it in the morning." When I heard that I went through the roof and was like who do you think I am that you can just blow me off like that. I also was hurting at this time as well.

After the day went on and I had time to calm down and not make the situation worse as I have a tendency to do; we talked about it. We came to the agreement that he need to call me or text me if and when he is going to be late and we are getting on better ground with prayers and with the help of other members of the body of Christ.


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