My Life as a Fairy Tale

My Life as a Fairy Tale
A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up in a very living home, and in this home the parent took the child to church every time the door were open. Well one day this girl meet this guy she wanted to date, but the mother who was being a mother said, “No, you cannot date him because he has a bad past.” So days went into weeks of arguing with the parent to date him, until one day the daughter said something to make her point that the parent was wrong. So she started to become friends with this guy well one day the guy had a best friend that he started to bring to church.

On one particular day the best friend asked if he could date me, well of course the parent wanted to say no, but the parent told him he could but he is not to hurt her princess in any way or she will have his head in a plate, so the boy said, “OK.” Well one day when the boy had ask the and the princess if she wanted to try sex (well not to be rejected by people) the princess was a people pleaser said, “yes.” Well that was fine for the first time. But there came a day in the kingdom that the mother had to go out-of-town and the boy came over he asked if we could have sex and I told him no but the boy being a boy went ahead and did what he wanted and the girl became pregnant. The princess was scared of the mother and did not want to tell her but she had to.

So one day the princess had a fight and the fight was about a break up and the princess was sad and upset so she went to church and told the mother about it and the mother said it would be OK. The princess said, “No, it won’t I lost my virginity to him,” and the mother about lost her mind. The saving grace the princess had was that she was a church. After church the mother, the princess and the friend who was now living with the family and became like a big brother to the princess said, "Instead of wondering if she is pregnant I am going to go get a test so he got a test and she took it and it was true that she was with child. The mother not being happy was angry and held the princess at arm’s length away for four months because she did not know what to do. So the princess gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The princess loved that baby, but one day the princess though she was grown and moved in with a guy when she moved out of the house she left the six month old baby she wanted to take the baby but the mother did not want that and that as well became a another fight. Time went on and the princess became with child again but this time she married the father of the child and that was the wrong thing to do. The princess was abused in that marriage in many ways. So they got a divorce and the princess had to give up the son she loved so deeply. Well time went on and the princess meet another boy and they had a few to drink and they had sex and she became with child the third time well this time the princess knew that this child was not hers and she needed to find another family for it so she did and the family she picked out was the perfect fit for everyone. And everyone lived happily ever after except the princess she is still trying to find her Prince Charming.


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