Overcoming the Past

Overcoming the Past 

 So, I know that this will be a weird first post, but this is what this site is for. It is for me to post what I am going through or have gone through to help you with your issues. I am just a person who loves God with all her heart and want to help and see people through their problems and achieve victory. This topic is about getting over your past. 
When I say past it could be 5 minutes ago or 30 years ago. Every second that goes by is in the past. This post happened on June 28, 2013. I really do not understand sometimes why people want to hurt people. Or say that when they are going through something and come to me or someone else for help and when I tell them that I have been there or in a similar situation; they just want to say “No you have not, you will never understand.”I will say this I may not have been in the same shoes you have, but I can tell you that I have faced some of the same things you have and I am here to help you and let you know that I do understand and that I have been there. As I sit here writing this post I am thinking of how my Lord and Savior has given me peace, love, joy, and comfort. I am a child of God and if I had not had him to help me through my problems I could not be here writing this.
 I talked to a friend of mine tonight and she was like you do not understand what I am going through. I told her, "Yes I do."  If I do not know what you are going through then I will tell you I do not understand, but I will lead you to God who wants to help you with your problem. All I can say to all this is that she is hurting right now and I did feel bad for not understanding 100% of what she is going through, but I told her to seek God and pray and try it for a week, after a week if your life does not change then go back to the way things are and forget all that I told you. I can promise you that your life will change if you give God a chance. I also told her that she need to forgive and break the soul ties and that God would heal her. I also told her that I could see the hurt and anger she has and that she needs to let it go. But she asked me “How do you see that?” I told her that I could discern the spirit on her because I used to be bound by it and once I overcame that spirit I was able to see and help others. Then I was told to stop seeing these things and I told her I could not stop it because of the Holy Spirit who lives in me.
 My friends, I said all this to say that the God who created you and the Earth does not want you to hurt and wants you to help you overcome anything you are facing. He wants to make a river in the dry places (see Isaiah 43:18-19). God does not want us to look at the past or dwell in it. So I ask you please if you think you are a victim you are a VICTOR, and if you suffered the my dear friend you are a SURVIVOR. I will tell you this that with God ALL things are possible (Philippians 4:13) no matter how big or small.


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