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This post you are about to read is my feeling and thoughts when I entered the woman’s shelter in Midland Texas. My advocate asked us to use different words of feeling that were on a sheet of paper to express how we felt. Sunday July 21, 2012 I came into the shelter on Sunday July 21, 2012. I arrived by Greyhound Bus and entered into the shelter to start my NEW life free and single from everything that was or could hold me back. When I entered the shelter I was agitated at the staff, because the night shift because they said they did not have me on file. I don’t like being told that I am not on file for the reason it made me feel like I was being rejected. Before that I felt annoyed at my family because they did not take me to the bus station. I had to have my abuser take me. I also felt drained from being on the bus for more than six hours and before that I spent almost the day with my abuser. The next part is how I feel after being here a week. Wednesday August 1, 2012 How I feel today. Today I feel victorious, because I am on a new journey and a new life for myself. On this new victorious journey I feel accepted and not rejected. I am at a place and town where I know people and do not have to worry about the rejection. I have people who really want to help me. I also feel grateful for having a place to live, and friends to support me. I feel excited, because I cannot wait to see what is in store for my life when I go to school and grow in my life as a person. I feel hopeful about my future and what I am going to experience on this journey. The last thing I feel is adventurous, because I have started a new chapter in my life.


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