This is for everyone who is going through something, or you say “How can I believe in a God when there is so much hurt and violence out there?” My Dear Friends, Let me start with this. God does not want us to suffer, hurt or even have violence, but we do. It all comes from Satan the Father of lies and he is here to steal, kill and destroy everything and everyone. ( John 10:10). So this tells you that people hurt people and not God hurting us. God allows us to go through things so that we can help people get through what they are going through. God does allow Satan to shake our world so that we can rely on God. A good example of this is Job in the Old Testament in the Bible. God let Satan shake his world to the point where we all would have died or give up on God. But I will tell you this that God does not want the hurt and pain we go through. It is possible to believe in a God even though there is a lot of pain and heartache out there. When the storm is around you and you think you are going to drown or sink to the bottom just look up to the horizon and stretch you hands up ward and let God pull you up and rest in his care and love. In the Bible it says “suffer not my little children.” ( Matthew 19:13). So that means for you and I that humans cause the suffering we have on Earth, but thank goodness we have a Heavenly Farther that loves us and has been through what we have been through. This is my thoughts and verses that have helped me and I pray that this helps you. Your Friend and Sister in Christ, Sarah


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